Kai & the War Milk Boys - The Ballad of Johnny Christ

This is the long awaited debut of this interesting combo. It might be one of those concept records, but it's hard to say since there's no lyric sheet. The results do have a surprising depth. Imagine, if you will frontman who seems to be equal parts Ziggy Stardust/Diamond Dogs era David Bowie crossed with...QUEENSRYCHE?????

Yeah, it seems unlikely, I know. But it works - when they get sparse, like on the opener "My Heart's Parade", it seriousely reminds me of Bowie's "Five Years", but "N.ew W.orld A.nthem", "On My Street" and "Gun" are so totally "Rage For Order" era Queensryche and, to KAI's credit, he actually has the voice to pull it off - unfortunately, there is an over-reliance on vocal effects he doesn't need. Having heared "Boring Day" live, the recorded version is kind of a dissapointment.

Still, the unabashed sarcasm of "Hollywood" (with classic lines like "When I sell my soul, I'll get a good price/Think twice/Cause everything's nice/In Hollywood" followed by a good 30 seconds of "La La La"s - priceless!) and the rather blatant "Porn Star" which, a female friend of mine assures me is going on on her list of "songs to fuck to" along with Nine Inch Nails "Closer".

And let me say, kudos for making Barbara Streisand seem cool, but you'll have to hear it to believe it!

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Written by Adolf Christ