Junkyard - Tried and True

I've never been a huge Junkyard fan, so when I listened to their 2003 release, 'Tried and True' you can just about imagine what I was expecting. Nevertheless, I was shocked as the six song EP flowed smoothly from beginning to end and impressed me with its combination of maturity and gutsiness.

Bookended by the rocking 'Fight' and 'Holdin' On', the latter a scorcher on par with their classic 'Hollywood', the CD just clicks. They slow the tempo with the title track (recalling the finer moments of Lynryd Skynryd) and a very nice remake of their 'other' hit 'Simple Man', remaining earnest throughout.

All the tunes feel like they're drenched in whiskey yet maintain an individual personality. This is a CD that is going to make me take another look at the band and re-assess my opinion of them. For those not familiar with Junkyard, 'Tried and True' will serve as a great introduction to the band while still pleasing the long time fan. A great way for these guys to return.

by Lycan Davis

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