Juliet's Vice - Decadence & Romance

OMG... IT'S MOTORHEAD!!!!! When hearing the opening riff that punches you in the face, this new Philly glam band that has risen from the ashes of various local bands would make Lemmy proud.

This debut release is packed with 11 hard rockin songs that would make LA Guns and Ratt jealous they didn't write these songs. Former Primadonnaz guitarist Danny Parsels and former Midnight Angel drummer Damien Monte Carlo share lead vocal duties. Both have similar vocal styles that go from soulful to snotty to sleazy.

Too bad this wasn't released in Sweden because they would be huge with bands like Crashdiet and Gemini 5, and the whole scene that appreciates a true old school
hard rock album with a set of balls. The only problem with this is it should be 12 songs...

Remember when Vince Neil said "We might wear make up, but we'll still kick your ass", that just defined this album!!!

by Bay Breez

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