Julian Angel - Choreography Sucks

Many years ago Candy asked the immortal question "Whatever Happened to Fun?" and I have to say that over recent years I've asked myself the same question many times when listening to new music. Well, I'm pleased to say that it's obviously been hiding away, licking its wounds and making sure that when it made its come back it'd do so in grand style.

The opening 1 -2 of "Rock with a Slam" and "Sucker Punch" make the case for its return in no uncertain style and opening your CD with crashing guitars and a cry of "Baby, Baby, Baby!" can only be a good thing. It might be a little too rap rock for some but frankly these tracks are going to be god sends for strippers the world over ("Stripper rock" anyone?), their driving beat just perfect for a little bump and grind. I love the sneering lyrics to "Sucker Punch"!

Thankfully not everything is quite at that pace throughout the album and many of the slower numbers work exceptionally well. "Bling Bling" and "Boob Boob Booty" are perfect sunny afternoon fodder - carefree, fun and frighteningly memorable. I've returned to these two more than any others on the album.

The CD is not perfect by any means. Some of the songs here don't quite work. "Give the Radio Back" has sickly sweet melodies that really, really grate; its repeated ad nauseum and the synthetic drum beat is truly foul. Indeed on this and on other occasions the CD sounds overly synthetic and comes across as one man, a couple of his guitars and an Apple Mac and although it's probably a case of needs must I'd really like to hear some of the songs re-done with a proper band or at least made to sound less artificial.

Still, I'm just being picky. Overall this is stunning CD. The guitars crunch when required, the drum beat keeps things moving and Julians vocals have an Alice Cooper-esque sneer to them that's not quite as weird as it may sound. Party CD of the year so far without a doubt and a must buy!

by Phil T.

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