JParis - Demo

I've had this 8-song demo for a couple of months now, and I must admit it's hard to write a review for a band that defies comparison. For the life of me I cannot figure out who these guys sound like. According to their bio, they "wanted to combine a heavy sound, with strong melodies and hooks liked a pop song, but with more feeling than either genre". While this is a decent explanation, it fails to mention the dynamic sound, the sonic highs, the enchanting lows, the distinct vocals, and the diversity shown throughout the demo.

But, while describing the sound has been an exercise in futility, the music itself was instantaneous enjoyment; from the outstanding build up to the crescendo of 'Living Hell', to the poppy, radio ready 'Million Miles'. The band can obviously handle their instruments, and the variety of music displayed in 'Talkin' 2 Myself', 'Hours of Blue' and 'Mary Go Round', along with tempo changes within each, give the listener little chance of becoming bored. To further that slim chance is co-founder, and lead singer 'Jayce Gallagher', whose vocals are all over the map without sounding like anyone in particular. At various times, I hear hints of U2, Sweetwater, Linkin Park and even Scritti Politti (did I just use Linkin Park and Scritti Politti in the same sentence?) The only drawback to the demo is the use of scratching and rapping on a couple of tracks. Not that the band doesn't do it well, it's just that this could possibly get them lumped in with the droves of Nu-Metal bands who use this technique. This material stands on its own merits, and I would hate for something like this to hold back a band with so much potential.

by Dan Earley

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