The Joystix - ... And Joystix For All

Y'know, this reviewing lark is a virtual round world trip taking in bands from all over the globe, with regular refuelling stops in Sweden, of course! And all this done without moving your fat arse from your Ikea computer chair - see what I did there ;-)

Today I have lost my Hungarian virginity, and I have lost it to a trio of men with the legend L.A.M.F. emblazoning their amps and a neat neat neat line in Lords Of The New Church cover versions. Jesus, I sound like a drunk girl in an eighties rock club. Yes, The Joystix are from Hungary, home of the Rubik's Cube. Now, I'm not saying that Erno Rubik is an unintelligent man - far from it - but maybe he should have noticed that the world's best selling toy could have its stickers removed and replaced in completed fashion by a nation of kids whose sole educational experience was watching Grange Hill. I'm sure that lil nugget will have convinced you to buy this album - if not, I'll go on.

'...And Joystix For All' is a cool little record that namechecks a bunch of bands that we all know and love. There's an absolute Backyard Babies influence at play here on tracks like 'Revolution', 'Medicine Man' and album opener 'Powerdrive' - with that first track having a sailor's hat full of Turbonegro thrown into the mix. 'Temptation' is a real smart heavy tune with a riff reminiscent of Powertrippin' era The Almighty. 'Jet Black' takes a trash standard and adds a (hair) piece of Kiss song 'I Just Wanna'. 'Backseat Love' walks a path so close to the Ramones that the world's first audio restraining order could be issued. But hey, we all wanna be a Ramone so I find no fault in any band trying to be the gabba gabba heirs to the pinhead punk rock throne. 'Handful Of Hate' sounds like the band spent some studio time watching Kill Bill and, while the album isn't quite a spiked ball on a chain blow to the temple from Go Go Yubari, it comes pretty highly recommended. By me. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

by Gaz E.

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My first impression of this album wasn't that great, but after a second listen through I start to get a grip on things and actually like it. I have to admit now, this is a great album.

The downside is that it's a little bit to much the same thing for me, it gets me a little bored. And I have a slight problem with the singer, the voice doesn't feel right although he IS a great singer, it seems slightly misplaced.

The upside with this is the mix of influences, it's awesome and makes the whole album interesting. I love the energy, its dirty, heavy and vicious. And the guitarplay raises this album to a whole different level.

My favourite tracks are 'Temptation', 'Handfull of Hate' and 'Rocketride', which in my opinion rise above the rest of the tracks and and acts as veins of gold.

I would give this album a 4/10 if it weren't for the amazing guitarplay and the energy. So iI give it a 8/10.

by Jocke Lindell