The Joystix - Playin' With Fire

The Joystix! A sweet offering of sleazyness from Hungary then eh? Let's stick it in and let the fun begin…

Straight away it asserts itself as more domineering than typical glam, relishing its dirty riffs. The callous vocals retain the foreign accents that add to an edgey sexyness. The vocal phaser is used intermittently to add to its sordid authority and to vibrate one's botty most effectively.

They sound larger than their 3 piece structure would suggest. It's a retro style but clever modern sound that relies on being quirky and contagious. The Stooges and the Ramones would be proud of this lot. The album reeks of tattoo ink and smelly armpits, so remember not to eat it!

Track 3 'beauty fool' is my favourite. Ahhh ..the familiar sleaze! Its pounding sexy rhythm is reminiscent of Motley Crue and the vocals hark to the snarls of Rob Zombie. Oooooh we will bounce to this one tonight! Follow the scene: snorting the sweet stuff, falling into the nearest dirty disco, getting knocked back by even the dirtiest droogs, followed by wanking in the bogs. H-H-Hey don't glare, it's not me it's the music! I am devoid of all responsibility while this song is playing…! (Mr officer hehe).

"Oi!" I squeal as I note that other tracks are softer although still delightfully dirty. I like heavy shit man! "Teenage riot" is their playful anthem that will occupy the memory cells indefinitely. Its edgyness however, cannot disguise its poppyness - it's recorded well with everything trimly in place in the mix. The brave decision to include 12 tracks is severely tested by the lack of range. Maybe I've just outgrown this style somewhat. I recommend it to all my usual snotty glam tinkers out there. So toodles my luvies… I'll be listening to it in a bog near you…

by Maunderelle

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