The Joystix - Push My Button

Normally it's Scandinavian bands that seem to end up coming my way to review so how refreshing to hear a band that hail from Hungary. I didn't know anything about the scene in Hungary, and I probably still don't, but let's face it, music is universal so should I really be that surprised to learn that Hungarians can rock? Anyway I digress so back to the real reason I'm here, the Joystix and their 4 track demo, Push My Button.

I have to admit, if bands like the Joystix are setting the standard of music coming out of Hungary then we should look forward to hearing a lot more. The opening track Right Now is a real cruncher, a kinda Hardcore Superstar meets Beautiful Creatures with a neat offbeat tempo skips into the chorus.

This band is really tight and exude some real raw riffs and my only criticism, well my other one apart from their name, is that the vocals are slightly limited in terms of the range that vocalist Blondie sings across. No big deal though as its early days and this is a band who have been through a few lineups and musical styles so you have to appreciate that they are making a conscious effort to make their mark.

Tracks 2 and 3 have a similar feel to them and continue to show that the Joystix have genuine potential but I did notice a different kinda style to the last song Beauty Fool. It reminds me a bit of early Greenday and perhaps is a trip back to the Joystix rockabilly roots which they have moved away from in terms of direction but obviously still harbour elements of.

Like a lot of bands now, the Joystix have very generously made samples of their songs available on their website for your aural consumption, nothing to do with exposure of course. If you like bands like Hardcore Superstar and Gemini Five, then you will want to check these guys out and the good news is that the band should be recording again in the near future so keep your eyes and ears open.

by Grant W.

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