Joy Machine - To Be Rock and Not To Roll

Joy Machine are a Rock/Glam/Metal band from Warsaw Poland.
The story of Joy Machine began in April 2006, when Kamil Kondracki and Misiek Slusarski started to meet and arrange songs together. They were soon joined by Jan "Jachu" Nawrocki, while the place of rhythm guitarist was taken by Piotr "Seru" Sadza. With a few songs ready to play the band began looking for a vocalist. That's when the first problems started - the candidates were, not to be offensive, just not the right people. Things changed, when Lukasz "Snake" Szemraj appeared. It was obvious that this was the man for the job. By that time the band's name "Joy Machine" was established. Vocalist, Snake, has recently decided to depart from Joy Machine which is a great pity as this CD shows that the band were surely onto something (the band have opted to continue and are currently looking for a vocalist!)

Musically you get an high-energy up-tempo blast of almost perfect Glam Rock/Metal!
The songs are very well written, and the band are as tight as any that I've ever heard. I really do hope the new singer (when found) can match the standards already set by snake.

Look Out The Joy Machine is coming!!!

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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