Josh Todd - You Made Me

Josh Todd, ex Buckcherry, ex Slamhound, Mr. Rock N Roll himself, returns to action with 'You Made Me', his first solo CD released on his own Todd Entertainment label.

While comparisons to Buckcherry are inevitable, 'You Made Me' displays a more punkish, raw sound. The CD starts off strong with guitar-driven rockers 'Mind Infection' and 'Broken'. From there it starts to take on a more modern nu-metal sound with 'Flowers & Cages', 'Blast', and 'Straight Jacket'. Thrown in the mix is 'Shine', the first radio single with its 'Creed-like' sound and cross over potential.

Todd's experienced rock-n-roll voice mixed with the hunger and energy of the young guns in his band make for a strong CD from track 1 to track 13. The only knock on 'You Made Me' is that there are no risks taken, no chances. While being a solid CD it is not earth shattering or groundbreaking but still, one of the better rock CDs of the year.

by Mister E.

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