John Taglieri - Everything We Are

Track listing:
1 Everything We Are
2 Open Up To Me
3 Lonely Together
4 Get You Back
5 Booty Call
6 Living Without YOu

This is John Taglieri's fifth release and a deviation from his usual acoustic style (or so the biography reads). I am not familiar with his other work so there was nothing to compare against. It is hard to pin down exactly what this CD sounds like, lots of influences are obvious but without sounding like plagarism, which provides some wonderful songs that have a familar vibe to them but that also sound fresh and new.

Opening track 'Everything We Are' is an upbeat rock anthem with a great chorus. Reminded me of Pretty Boy Floyd and Stryper in places, vocally rather than lyrically. 'Open Up To Me' veers off into radio friendly Bon Jovi territory with some wonderful harmonies and nifty guitar work. 'Lonely Together' took me back to the 80s (and YES this IS a good thing). Lonely Together had a very glammy feel to it (with a big stadium rock chorus). 'Get You Back' is the token ballad (and probably more familiar territory for Taglieri). This song is the sort of song that James Morrison could only ever dream about writing. Totally amazing harmonies throughout and a great set of flowing lyrics. 'Booty Call' is the stand out track for me. The song has a wonderfully happy feel and should definitely be released as single in the summer, it just has that sort of "summery" vibe about it. Once again the melody and harmonies help define the sound. 'Living Without You' maintains the harmonies and melodies and has more of that stadium rock feel about it. In places it reminded me of classic Bryan Adams.

On hearing this CD I would definitely now be tempted to go and check out Taglieri's other four releases even though they aren't in the same rock style.

by K.T. Glitz

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