Johnny Kobra - The Smell of Rock and Roll

When I heard the first track from Johnny Kobra's 'Smell of Rock N' Roll', I knew I was in for a good time. 'Can't Get Enough of You' is an excellent introduction for the fun that is to follow. On tracks like 'Wild Horses' and 'Cinnamon Stone', Kobra presents bluesy, poppy rock without being annoying… something some major label acts could stand to learn from.

Kobra's vocals are perfect for the mood of the music, nevermore so than on 'Forest of the Witches', which bops along with near pop-rock perfection. From upbeat rockers like 'The Rhythm of Roundness', to slower songs like 'Jesus Blues', Johnny delivers some quality stuff. The only song that just didn't seem to fit was the break-up track 'So Long'. With all the other diggable tunes however, who really cares?

Kobra's style has been described as great party music; I just hope his contribution doesn't end up as background noise. That would be a shame. With luck, we'll hear more from the industrious Swede (who not only wrote all the songs, but also played all the instruments AND produced the album) in the future. Is this the smell of rock n' roll? I can't say for sure, but it certainly sounds like it.

by Jol Online

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