Johnny Burning - Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off!

The first thing to strike you about this CD is the production. Crisp clear and in your face - the music leaps out of the speakers - perfect! On listening to the 10 tracks, you'd swear that the vocalist was a woman but 10 out of 10 to vocalist Manuel who manages to hit all the high notes with apparent ease and despite the high register can really belt the lyrics out with power and passion. Plus, let's face it - singing falsetto never did Geddy Lee any harm!

Ably backed by guitarists DB and Niko, drummer Rob and bassist Cesko, these guys have taken the good time vibe of 80's hair bands and recreated it for the new millennium. Less metal than Motley Crue and less power pop than Pretty Boy Floyd, this is absolutely NOT "just another glam band from Italy".

The 10 tracks here take no prisoners - thunderous guitars and pounding drums abound and the choruses provide an instant hook that'll have you reaching for that repeat button on a regular basis. It's not all flash and no substance by any means - "Burning Miracle" has a great instrumental middle section allowing band members to show what they are capable of and I've no idea what "Sassy Lassy Goose" means but it features some totally killer guitar breaks over the kind of groove that'll go down well on the dance floor of your local rock club. Try though you might to resist, you'll be singing along with the chorus before you know it. Final track "Turn It Down, Just To Leave It" is a slow burner that proves that Manuel is more than capable of singing in a lower register and whereas I'm not convinced that the last track on a CD is a good position for it, it's a perfect last track before a full octane finale in a live show. My one tip - resist any attempts to release this as a single and stick to the faster numbers on the CD. It's a great song - but its true value lies in contrast to the other numbers.

With some decent promotion and a support slot for a major band, these guys could easily find themselves in front of audiences that could help propel them to the major headline status. Definitely worthy of your cash!

by Phil T.

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