Jezebel - 4 Track EP

Midlands rockers Jezebel have a raw quality about them which the four songs on this EP really do show case. Opening with 'Rock N Roll' they set their store out with some great sleazy rock n roll. 'Too Young' quickly follows, but this borrows too heavily from other songs, for example part of the bridge on this track borrows heavily from Skid Row's Get The Fuck Out, it's still fun but doesn't match the quality of its predecessor.
'Scars' is up next and I guest it's Jezebels attempt at The Unforgiven, as the song has a very similar feel, good song though and again it shows off a slightly different side to the band. Final track is 'Demon Lover' which is a great mid tempo rocker.

Jezebel do show a hell of a lot of promise and they do seem to be a hard working grafting band with a lot to offer in the future. Another band to keep your eyes on over the next couple of years!

Rating 8/10

by Barry Gennard

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