Jettblack - Get Your Hands Dirty

Track listing:
01 - Slip It On
02 - Two Hot Girls
03 - When It Comes To Lovin'
04 - Fooled By A Rise
05 - War Between Us
06 - Get Your Hands Dirty
07 - Not Even Love
08 - Mother Fucker
09 - Sleep
10 - Holding
11 - Innocence Is Mine

With Crashdiet and Reckless Love currently whipping up a storm it is good to see the UK providing music of similar quality. JETTBLACK's debut GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY is a raucus sleazy affair that takes no prisoners.

These guys nail their colours to the mast as far as influences are concerned but this album does sound like a generic copy, it has a very fresh and modern feel top it.

11 tracks of great rhythms, killer riffs, big choruses and melodies

Catch them on tour with Reckless Love or at OzzFest, miss them at your peril!

If you like Crashdiet, Reckless Love, Tigertailz, Skid Row and that ilk then you had better make sure you have this in your collection!

It's also worth getting the Get YOur Hands Dirty single too just for the acoustic version of Mother Fucker!

Standout tracks:
Slip It On
Two Hot Girls
Get Your Hands Dirty
Mother Fucker
Innocence Is Mine

by K.T.Glitz

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