Jetboys of Babylon - A Tribute To the New York Dolls

Any band who takes part in a tribute CD these days might be seen to be offering themselves as a lamb to the slaughter, let's face it, how do you reproduce an original classic especially when the tribute CD in question is dedicated to the New York Dolls?
The answer is, you never even attempt it, you just give your interpretation and in this case pay homage to one of the most underrated bands ever to come out of New York in the 70's and influence so many others.

This is a 17 track CD with a lot of well established artists, in fact where do I start with without missing some of the bands who deserve a mention as they all do a great job with their renditions of Dolls' numbers?

All of the covers are well produced and a credit to the Dolls legacy as most have managed to remain true in retaining some of the raw Dolls sound so it seems unfair to single any particular bands out but noteable mentions must go to Crash Kelly, Flipp, the New Romantics, the Napoleon Blownaparts for having a great name and also for their version of Puss N Boots, and American Anthem for a brilliant version of my personal Dolls favourite, You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory.
This album is a must for any self respecting New York Dolls fan bearing in mind that it is a tribute album so avoid making obvious comparisons to the originals but, all the Dolls would have been proud and honoured.

Track listing/artist:

1. Babylon - Frankenstein 3000
2. Personality Crisis - Flipp
3. Looking For A Kiss - Geoff Starr Rock N Roll Band
4. Vietnamese Baby - Slow Motorcade
5. It's Too Late - The Taste
6. Trash - Super Deluxe
7. Bad Girl - R50
8. Subway Train - The New Romantics
9. Private World - Tattooed Millionaires
10. Puss N Boots - The Napoleon Blownaparts
11. Chatterbox - Coyote Shivers
12. Human Being - Science Fiction Idols
13. Who Are The Mystery Girls - Starduster
14. Lonely Planet Boy - Crash Kelly
15. Frankenstein - Killingbird
16. Jetboy - The Alarm
17. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory - American Anthem

Jetboys of Babylon - A Tribute to the New York Dolls, is available on the Fastlane Records.

by Grant W.

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