Jesse Camp & the 8th Street Kidz - The New Hope?

Oh my God! Something good finally came out of eMpTyV! This must be a sign of the apocalypse! Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz play campy, stupid, clicheed Rock & Roll and I LOVE IT! They wear their hearts where they belong - on their sleeves. You can hear the Hanoi Rocks influence a mile away with just a touch (OK, a BIG touch) of New York Dolls. But who cares? I don't hear a single bad song here! (and all you faithful Glitzine junkies know EXACTLY how rare it is that I don't find something to bitch about).

In fact, the only thing I can complain about is that Mr. Camp could use a few voice lessons - his half spoken vocals can get a bit grating after a while - but when you rock this real, it doesn't really matter, does it?

And God knows there's no fat on this album - when your longest song clocks in at 4:01, you're sure not wasting space on unnessessary crap. Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz is THE party album of the year. NO FUCKING QUESTION. Prime examples : "See You Around", "Hey, Hey, Hey:, "Griftin'","Let's Get It On", "I Want You And I Need You"... Hell, if you want the "hot spots", that would be all 14 tracks - just buy it.


Believe me, I was soooooo ready to rip this album to pieces it’s not even funny. C’mon, a freaking 19-year-old MTV v.j. who pretends to play the glam-punk bad kid’s act and lands a record deal…you can smell US record company’s bullshit from ten miles away. Wrong! Either Jesse is a genuine Glam fan or he is very good at fakin’ it. I cannot believe a major label released this album. I had lost all hopes when I found out that the last great hard rock producer had decided to work with Shania "Boobies" Twain and that there were no new bands on the Poison-Ratt-Great White tour.

Well, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Starting off with "I’ll See You Around", the album’s bubblegum punk flavor gets into your system and does not let go. The sound is a mixture of Cheap Trick, Pretty Boy Floyd, Alice Cooper and the image is a cross between Michael Monroe e Dizzy Damage. You will love "Break It", "Hey, Hey, Hey" and "Wasted Youth" just like I did. Besides, anyone who puts the Toilet Boys on his thank-you list scores major points with yours truly.

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First Review by Adolf Chri$t
Second Review by Marco Caneva