Jerry Vayne - Disillusions of Grandeur

Sometimes it's difficult for a musician to break free from their past and carve their own musical niche, but with 'Disillusions of Grandeur', former Foxy Roxx guitarist Jerry Vayne not only explodes from the shadows of his past but, in doing so, emerges a viable solo artist.

While 'Disillusions of Grandeur' carries some of the trademark Foxy Roxx stylings and sound with 'Next To You' and 'Tell Me', it expands to territories never explored by the San Diego band. The mood ranges from beautiful melancholy tracks such as 'Sydney's Song' and 'Can You Remember' to angry on 'D.O.G.' and 'Heroes' (Heroes being a tribute to 9/11, featuring a spine tingling 1:30 introduction). Vayne also takes a stab at social commentary with Porn Boy. The final two cuts, covers of Cheap Trick and Sammy Hagar, respectively are not necessary for this album.

The party atmosphere of Foxy Roxx is absent on 'Disillusions of Grandeur' and, while this might be a problem to some, I found it to be to the albums benefit, with Vayne showing his musical maturation while not forgetting his roots. Fans of early nineties bands like Heart Throb Mob, Queeny Blast Pop and Foxy Roxx, will love this one.

by Lycan Davis

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