Jennyfer Star - A Trace of Love and Tears

01 - You Make My Heart Go (Starlet Suicide)
02 - Steal My Pride (Starlet Suicide)
03 - Waste Me Away (Starlet Suicide)
04 - Try To Break Me (Starlet Suicide)
05 - Hairspray Lover (Starlet Suicide)
06 - God Bless This Mess (Starlet Suicide)
07 - Makin All The Noise (Starlet Suicide)
08 - Shake It Up (Starlet Suicide)
09 - Dirt (Starlet Suicide)
10 - As Good As It Gets (Jennyfer Star)
11 - Be The Same (Jennyfer Star)
12 - Stripping Out (Jennyfer Star)
13 - Baby Blue (Jennyfer Star)

"A Trace Of Love And Tears" is a compilation album containing 9 tracks by Jennyfer Star's last band, the awesome glam punk "Starlet Suicide", and 4 tracks of her own material. I have to admit that I really really love this CD, the songs are awesome and I really love Jennyfer's vocals. It is such a shame that Starlet Suicide are no more as they were an excellent band but Jennyfer Star's solo material shows promise for a great future in the world of glam punk!

Standout tracks:
"Try To Break Me" - glam punk attitude
"Hairspray Love" - cos I can't resist a song about hair
"Be The Same"

by K.T. Glitz

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