Jennyfer Star - On My Own

Sassy Jennyfer Star recently tiptoeing aside from her reasonably successful band 'Starlet Suicide' and going it alone. Immediately noticeable here is the unremarkable likeness to the stuff they were already offering. So SS fans won't be too upset she's upped and left.

The first track 'As Good As It Gets' sees Jen using her familiar roughed up vocal style similar to that of Brody Doyle or possibly Courtney Love. The music behind the vocals is incredibly perfect, an almost pop influenced rock n roll theme, which wouldn't sound too unconvincing with Britney or Gwen singing along. Being heard in the right places could ensure more success than say Dirty Harry with more diversity and be much more deserved and I'm thinking Ms Star perfected the good girl gone bad image and attitude long ago.

Moving along to track two 'Be the Same' you hear a complete change of style for most of the song and notice that underneath the growling lies a delicate almost refined voice, which along with the subtlety of the lyrics and the change of flow in the music gives this song preference over the opening track.
Third track includes a blast of male vocals, which are quite impressive if you try not to take too much notice of what he's singing. Wondering what 'Size Queen' could be relating to, at first thinking we've come past such obvious innuendo's and expecting it to be connected to the recent state of the size zero model myth - couldn't of been more wrong. It's exactly what you're thinking. Guys with small feet need not apply.

by Sharron Grainger

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