JAG - 5 Track Demo

Jag hail from Holland & describe themselves as 'psychedelic acid rock?' As wary as I am by this, apparently, manufactured & highly misleading, genre-bastardisation, I can't but help but be impressed by their cited influences. So with high hopes I gave their 5-track demo some quality airtime. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Poor production & the inability to embellish upon some genuinely promising ideas make this nigh on impossible to sit through.

Jag need to focus on what it is they are trying to convey within their often confusing & scratty mix of post punk, new wave, garage rock & spend more time finding a suitable balance. Learning how to end a song would also be beneficial. Far too often, on this mercifully short offering, they resort to letting things fall apart with the subtext of 'God, aren't we cutting edge & true to our art form'? Well no, you're just sloppy, under rehearsed & in need of some direction.

Let us not dwell on such pedantism. I will now offer a brief review, in the style of Jag; that will skim over the main issues, never quite delve below the surface & will certainly not resolve some good ideas.

'Revolutione', a frantic mix of punk/hardcore lacks any semblance of balance & form & flows from the speakers with all the poise & grace of a blender full of rusty nails. 'Rollercoaster', offers more in the way of tangible sonic weavery & for the first time we see a sense of the eclectic about their sound. The psychobilly main hook, offers interesting counterpoint for the brusque chorus, but this nice progression is undermined with overly grating vocals. 'Rheno', has a familiar feel to it & settles nicely into a bass driven White Stripes-esque vibe with lead punctuating. Again, nice idea but doesn't quite deliver. 'Addicted to You', probably the strongest song, but that's saying very little as it possesses all the strength of a bespectacled 13 year old, with greasy hair, suffering from atrophy & whom has a note from his Mum to be excused from PE because his hayfever is playing up. This rolls along nicely with a riff that resembles Nebula circa 'To the Centre'. However, Jag don't like to make things too comfortable & a god-awful lead break makes me want to drop to my knees & scream 'Why'! The CD closes with 'The Liver Machine' & this terrible Stooges dirge falls apart, much like my will to dedicate anymore ink to this band.

by Rev G.

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