JackViper - Bullets For the Faithful

London based sleaze merchants JackViper formed in 2005 and started writing and recording almost as soon as they got together, the band have released a number of EP's and toured with the likes of Vixen, LA Guns, House of Lords and Warrior Soul. Currently on Perris records they've also had tracks on the Hollywood Hairspray series of CD's and most impressively had their track "Spider To The Fly" pre-loaded onto 500,000 Creative Zen V MP3 players. This 5 track EP is a pre-cursor to the forthcoming debut full-length album due out in the coming months.

Kicking off proceedings is the fantastically titled "0800 Fuck You" which has a drum sound to die for. The vocals are filled with attitude and spat out with a sneer and the song has a killer gang vocal chorus that sounds great. Sleazy rock 'n' roll as it's meant to be played! "Devil May Care" is next up with it's big dirty bass sound which is soon joined by a riff that you just know is being played on a guitar that's slung low with legs wide apart. The opening riff to "Spider To The Fly" is heavily influenced by Iron Maiden before turning into something more akin to Zodiac Mindwarp. You could be forgiven for thinking the guys had recorded a cover of Guns n' Roses 'Move To The City' when "Grab Some Brass" starts up, the riff is very similar. Once the song kicks in fully it's nothing like the Gn'R classic but is a great song in itself. Unfortunately it gets a bit silly on the final track, "Hit The Floor". It has one of the stupidest intros I've heard in a long time, the band are British, not from Texas! They've tried to get the feeling of being in an old Texas barroom drinking whisky but it just sounds ludicrous, as daft as skinny white kids in hooded tops hanging round on street corners thinking that they're black guys from South Central LA. The song itself isn't the best, it would have been better had it been left on the floor.

The band are currently holed up in the studio recording their debut album which is certainly gonna be one to look out for. The band have professionalism and drive for success rarely seen in the sleaze genre and thankfully, bar the odd duff moment, they have the songs to back this up. Expect more mainstream press to pick up on them in the coming months and a whole host of new fans jumping on board for the ride. A solid EP from a band on the rise.


by John Baxter

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