JackViper - Wired

London based Jack Viper's EP 'Wired' starts off with the rock heavy 'g.f.y (go f yourself)'. The music is very reminiscent of late 80's early 90's guitar driven sleaze rock. Catchy riffs and sing along choruses. The only problem with 'g.f.y' is, vocalist Jay is trying to hard to come off as being cocky. The use of unneeded profanity and off timed one liners makes the song come off as childish, which is a shame cause it is a strong opening track… ("you skanky little bitch"? ... not needed).

The second and final track on 'Wired' is the Van Halen "Hot For Teacher" inspired 'Murder City Blues', right down to the break in the middle. Great guitar work throughout the song. Fans of no nonsense good time rock will enjoy this EP. The recording and production for an Indie release is quite good and the songs are catchy. The future looks bright for Jack Viper.

by Mister E.

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