JackViper - Sleazy Listening EP/Another Dirty Threesome EP

It's a double offering by JackViper, a sleazy London based outfit currently making a bit of noise on the circuit and fresh back from a tour with LA Guns in Germany.

Sleazy Listening opens up with a really catchy riff in the form of Whisky Town, very reminiscent of Walkin' Shoes by Tora Tora meets Naughty Naughty by the same band so you know where I am coming from here - unadulterated rock with a hint of sleaze.

JackViper have a real knack of nailing a riff that most bands would be proud of. Although they may cite their influences as Guns N Roses, Van Halen and Motley Crue don't expect any musical similarities save the fact they have a song called Merry Go Round which opens up Another Dirty Offering and hey there's those catchy riffs again - JackViper have a real trademark sound.

And don't ya just love a ballad that ain't really a ballad, one that has the sentiment but doesn't pussy foot about, straight in with the hard guitars? Well you're gonna love Tears of a Pearl, a Bang Tango-esque full on 'slower' number. I should just mention the great vocals here but its right throughout JackViper's songs, I'd love to hear how good this guy Jay R is live.

So what's the better out of the two CDs? Well they are both seriously strong. I'd have to edge out Sleazy Listening however if only because it gets going like shit off a hot shovel but both are similar in style which means if you like one, you'll love the other.

I really dig JackViper and seriously urge you to check them out. Why? Because I say so and because their demos can be sampled free of charge so what are you waiting for you freeloaders - go get some Viper!

by Grant W.

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