Internal Disfunction - Nine Feet Under

After a heavy Megadeth style intro, Internal Disfunction's "Nine Feet Under" kicks off with "Jack & Coke Suicide Blues" which is very much akin to a Guns and Roses style with scrubbed guitar over a heavy bass and drum beat. "When You're Not Alone" is a much faster, punkier song with a more crisp-sounding guitar, followed by a heavy, bass-based song "The Crash" with light, high-pitched guitars complimenting Fab's vocals. This track helps to consolidate the style that Internal Disfunction has created here.

"Far Away From You" is our rock ballad that combines both electric and acoustic guitars. I've never been a big fan of the rock ballad except when I am in the mood for it and as they go, this has all the right sounds. "Two Souls In Love With Death", my favourite on the album, is a medium-fast paced track with a heavy bass and drum beat with guitars used sparingly. Fab's vocals shine through on this track and I caught myself humming along at the coffee machine later on that day, much to the worry of the people in the office!

The final track - "Senseless Acts Of Beauty" is an acoustic guitar instrumental that plays the album out, much the same way that Hanoi Rocks did with "Strange Boys Play Weird Openings". However, if this was supposed to calm me down after such an assault on the senses it didn't work, I had to rewind and listen to "Two Souls In Love With Death" again!

I love this debut and if I had to find fault, it would be Fab's vocals, which do not come through as strong as I would have liked. With that said, it is an amazing album which will I will be listening to in the car next week!

9.5/10 - Don't read any more, go out and buy it now!

by Richard Belsey

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