Insofar - Medicine For the Melancholic

This is the first 'mini' album (8 tracks in total, far from 'mini') from the Sussex based band but is by no means their first release, after releasing "The Fall" single on Copro / Casket records this band has gone from strength to strength, comprising of Paul Brigstock on Vocals, Hannah Marie on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Katy Briscoe on Bass and Backing Vocals (who I believe has now departed the band) and Paul Deadman on Drums. 'Medicine for The Melancholic' has the ability to be an amazing album, the vocals are strong and are never overpowering or drowned. This album is pure contagious, all the songs get right under your skin, I found myself humming them without even realising it. Insofar is definitely a band that will fall into conversations that usually start with "have you heard…." for all the right reasons. My favourite tracks on this album are 'Resonate' simply because it hooks you from the opening riff and its pure brilliance from there onwards. 'Why Forgive' the lyrics are brutal and cut like a knife and the guitar solo is stunning and could certainly be less masked, but I love this track for itsbluntness. It's short, to the point and ends as abrupt as it starts which fits perfectly with the song subject.

Musically Insofar are completely original, they are a fresh impact on the underground music scene and I'll be personally making a point of seeing them perform live if only to replace the CD!! Which brings me to the Album Cover Artwork which reminded me of the Velvet Revolver's 'Libertad' and I don't think it represents the band's music as well as it could.

Overall though a kickass band and well worth a listen. It is definitely the sort of album that will never be far away from your CD player.

by Stacey Hull

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