Innocent Rosie - BadHabitRomance

Hailing from Sweden, Innocent Rosie deliver what the Scandinavians seem to do so well, high energy sleazy rock and roll. This is one of those albums that has your foot tapping from start to finish.

Stand out tracks are:
'Knock Me Out' - Skid Row meets The Hellacopters in a head on collision.
'Don't Drag Me Down' - now this is how rock and roll should be done, simple and fun. Think Hanoi and The Quireboys and you'll see what I mean.
'Left Alone'

Great riffs, great rhythms, great choruses!
If you like the sleaze genre then you will love this album and it can be purchased from their MySpace page.

I really hope these guys come and tour the UK, as I would love to hear them live.

by K.T. Glitz

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