Innerpartysystem - Innerpartysystem

The summer festival dust has only now just settled, and already I'm holding a copy of the album that will set fields on fire next year.

Pennsylvania's "Innerpartysystem" take the dance rock of this years hotshots "Pendulum" and give it a more commercial Eighties edge that immediately brings to mind some gonzoid "Thompson Twins" (if they'd actually had some balls), or a fucked up "Flock of Seagulls" (if say "Alfred Hitchcock" could have been their producer).

Lead track and current single "Die Tonight, Live Forever" sets off with the groove laden mix of bleeps and bangs sounding like R2D2 on (liquid) crystal meth falling down a fire escape, and from there on it's arms in the air party hardy stuff all the way to the end, with the rather aptly named ambient noises of "Soundscape" being the perfect chill out room for you to cool off.

Being a huge fan of this genre of music from when "Warp Records" was still in its infancy, I'm a sucker for anyone pushing the envelope and that's exactly what "Innerpartysystem" manage to do here by merely keeping it simple with in your face tunes like "Structure", "Obsession" and "Last Night In Brooklyn".

This is definitely a grower of an album especially if the idea of "Tom Bailey" singing for "Nine Inch Nails" tickles your industrial rock g(oth)-spot.

Having been totally gutted recently by two of my fave glam/punk bands outputs in terms of energy and song writing, I've found solace with the psycho charged electro music of "Radio Soulwax" and now "Innerpartysystem".

So, if your life just blends into one long boring charade right now, spice it up with some "Innerpartysystem" when they tour the UK club circuit this October or simply buy this album to enjoy the trip 24/7.

You really don't have to wait until Summer 2009 when "Innerpartysystem" will be the megastars of the festival circuit and you're then all playing catch up ya know.

4 ½ out of 5

by Johnny H.

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