The Impulse - Shred It!

Here's a further 8 tracks from Jersey City/Brooklyn 3 piece The Impulse proving that the boys are no one track wonders.

These tracks continue to remind me of the mid 70's New York New Wave Scene. No, no, no, wipe any images of synth playing bands or gobbing punks that can't play from your head immediately! Think instead of great vocals, hugely memorable choruses, a hint of the Ramones (when they weren't playing at 90 mph), and general good time up-tempo pop punk/pop rock that wouldn't offend your granny. There's nothing particularly new here but frankly who cares when it's this good!

This is an unashamedly nostalgic pleasure for me, reminding me of what I always felt was a golden era of music and I'm kinda glad that there are still bands out there making this kind of music. Every last track here demonstrates quality song writing and each sounds as if the bands themselves are having a blast playing them. Particular highlights for me are "Arm the Girls" and "Hollywood Underground". Sure they are probably the most up-tempo numbers on the CD but their choruses are firmly lodged in my memory bank and I've found myself singing them under my breath at the most unexpected times. These guys need some decent exposure, and (dare I say it) a consistent image so that they stick in people's minds. But please, when they sign their major label deal, let them keep their slightly raw sound and don't let the pressure of having to deliver rob them of their obvious love of playing!

At a time when (in the UK at least) earnest young men with guitars seem to be all the rage, I'd swap half a dozen of them for the aural prozac that is The Impulse. Lovers of quality music should check them out immediately. You won't be sorry.

by Phil T.

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