The Impulse/BoyGirl - Split 7" Single

Now here's a very odd beast. On one side we have 2 tracks - "Rorshack" and "Alcohol and Certain Medications" from a guitar and drums duo named Boy/Girl and on the other a single track "Get Ready To Go" from three piece band The Impulse.

On first listen this is a very unusual pairing. The Boy/Girl two track showcases a band clearly not interested in following any sort of trends or wanting to sound like anyone else. "Rorshack" is spiky angular and raw whereas "Alcohol and Certain Medications" has more of a zither melody with sound bites over the top. Neither sound like much on first listen but worm their way under your skin with repeated listens.

The Impulse by contrast provide a rather neat three minute high energy pop frenzy that's easy on the ear and you'll find yourself wanting to sing along with the chorus before you know it.

The common link (to these ears at least) between these two seemingly diverse bands is that both could easily be undiscovered gems from the mid to late 70's New York scene. The Impulse coming from the glory days of CBGB's and Boy/Girl treading more towards the No Wave era.

If you buy this from The Impulses website you also get a free DVD. Primary track here is the video for "Get Ready To Go". Shot 'live' in a basement with what looks like an invited group of friends, this won't win any prizes for artistic merit but it's an excellent example of making a little money go a long way. Three other tracks here are definitely shot live in three different venues. The sound quality is ok and the band prove that they can play their brand of good time pop rock live, although I've got to say that they should stick to the all black outfits used on the main video if they want to make any kind of lasting visual impression. These are not professionally shot but I have to say that the occasional person wandering past the camera or even standing in full view don't detract form the enjoyment. There's a 'behind the scenes' featuring a live snippet shot outside on the street somewhere and the demo of "Get Ready To Go" set to a combination of live footage and stills. These last few are the kind of material that friends of the band will love but of only passing interest to casual listeners.

To be honest, this would be worth buying just for the single itself with the DVD just providing an additional bonus. I'm definitely going to be seeking out more from both bands and I'd advise you to at least give them both a few spins.

by Phil T.

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