Imperial Vipers - Broken

This second release from Imperial Vipers goes straight for the throat with "The Sickness", this is a real nasty beast of a rocker that stomps all over your ears and kicks you straight between the eyes. "I'll Guess" slams straight in with an early 90's Brit Rock vibe that reminds me of a snotty younger brother of 3 Colours Red. This song will totally kick ass live. The swirling goth intro of "Broken" comes in next; this is a real dark brooding slow burner of a track that explodes on the chorus. "Victim" picks up the pace, this is a fast rocker of a track that goes straight into the red (this has a serious Wildhearts vibe running straight through it and would go down a storm both live and in the clubs). "Self Medication" slinks through the speakers, this is another nasty little barnstormer of a song that has a serious punk vibe ala The Vibrators. "This Is The Way" quickly follows up, this is a serious contender for singles territory and has a serious Clash in a fistfight with Anti-Flag vibe to it. This is seriously a song made for starting pits too! "Another Suicide" comes flying out of the speakers and has a heavy duty circa late 70's punk meets the Levellers sound to it and won't fail to leave you bouncing round the room. "Into Forever" is a song that was made for dancing like an idiot to all sunshine vibes and good times with a mellow edged pop punk sound. "Loves Fortune" mellows things down sounding like a lighter version of The Ga Ga's, this is a strong song and yet another to consider for radio airplay. "All I Ever Wanted" picks the pace right back up, this is pure rock n' roll chaos of the highest order. Final track "Check This" closes things on a pure Post-Punk meets Rude Boy vibe. The chorus sticks in your brain and you'll find yourself humming this track for days after.

This album will appeal to fans of all spectrums of alternative music and you won't be disappointed catching this band live or buying this album.

by Dizzy Starr

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