Immune - 5 Track EP

Buy It. Buy It NOW. Really. That's all you need to know. Go to CD Baby, make sure you get the Immune that's from Norway rather than the LA bunch and add it to basket. It's simple. Off you go...

Ok, I'd better explain myself. To my humble ears this is five tracks of audio heaven. Take a smidge of the Cure, a healthy dose of the Psychedelic Furs during their rockier moments, a liberal dose of Stabbing Westward and then crank the guitars up a bit further without losing any of the melody, riffs or overall song ambience and you'll end up with Immune.

I could weep. I really could. You want a singer that can sing? Check! Melody in abundance? Check! Choruses to die for? Check! Songs that know how to keep the listener interested? Check!

It's hard to pick a favorite but it has to be third track "Since You Went Away". If they can't get a massive hit out of this, then it's not been heard by the right people. Superbly simple verses over a bouncing keyboard riff before the guitars come crashing in and the whole thing launches into quite possibly the most sublime chorus that's destined to be heard on the radio , the t.v and coming out of bedrooms/living rooms the world over. Keyboard heavy "Tainted" could easily fit on a film soundtrack and the chorus simply soars to the heavens but the other three tracks are just as good.

Admittedly, it comes across as all a bit 80's or 90's and might be a little too poppy for many but I think I've found me a new favourite band. If this CD is representative of what they can do, then superstardom beckons. All they need is a good manager, a good PR team and there'll be no stopping them. Now, off you go to their MySpace page to listen to these tracks for yourself and then head to CDBaby and buy a copy before they can only be found on eBAY for hugely inflated prices.

by Phil T.

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