Illuminatus - The Wrath of the Lambs

With their debut album "The Wrath of the Lambs" Illuminatus" proudly proclaim that you'd better watch out, as they will be rolling out their War Machine to destroy everything in their way in the quest for universal metal domination. This battle cry echoes within each of the albums nine blood drenched tracks carving a path of glory for our unsung heroes.

Formed in Nottingham by one Spaniard, one German, one Italian and one Englishman "Illuminatus" reside in a musical world of technical proficiency and integrity. So, if I tell you that prior to this album release "Illuminatus" have shared stages with the likes of "Children of Bodom" and "Dragonforce", you'll know we are not talking a band normally prone to fit in with Glitziners feather cut and waist coated listening tastes. But we at "Glitzine" are always proud to champion quality bands, whatever the genre, and quality is just what "Illuminatus" are.

"Illuminatus" tell you that they are influenced by the likes of "Pink Floyd" and "Anathema" but I actually hear more of the epic tones of "Paradise Lost and strangely a post modern punk vibe akin to "Zico Chain" creeping out of the speakers. Especially with "Illuminatus" singer "Julio Taylor's" gravely rock n roll rasp that is more "Chris Glithero" than "David Gilmour" whichever way you look at it.

It is on tracks like "Suburban Symmetry" and "Fear Control" that the "Illuminatus" sound gels to a caustic solution of the aforementioned influences and sends their sound into a parallel universe where "Illuminatus" is the soundtrack to your world. Think New World Metal with a side order of self-consciousness. Not since the first two "Iron Maiden" albums have I actually sat all the way through an instrumental Heavy Metal track yet with "The Wrath of the Lambs", "Illuminatus" have captured twenty fold the power of any of "Metallica's" more recent tracks, whilst sharing the crunching speedy rifferama of more contemporary scene bands such as "Avenged Sevenfold" or "Bullet For My Valentine".

"The Wrath of the Lambs" will not be to every "Glitziners" musical tastes, not unlike say a Chicken Phal will not be every "Glitziners" favourite curry dish.

You can't however dispute the power and passion on offer here. I just wonder if their war machine comes complete with a Blazooka (one not so careful owner) and 6 six platform boots.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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