I Am Ghost - Those We Leave Behind

In some other dimension, far away in time, "Tim Burton" has just been elected first Goth President of the USA, and Los Angeles post Hardcore mob "I Am Ghost" are headlining the fifth annual "Gothstock" to an audience of 3 million pansticked vampires to promote their sophomore release "Those We Leave Behind".

Back in the real world though, "Steve Juliano" (vocals) and crew have refocused the bands direction away from the folk filled mess of a band I witnessed supporting "The Bronx" into a lean mean fighting machine ready to conquer planet earth over the next twelve months.

I can't say I'm a massive fan of this genre of music, with the melodic/scream alternate passages within songs becoming so formulaic you can almost assemble the songs at will with "a screamo by numbers" set of instructions. But there is obviously a market for music like this and in songs like "Those We Leave Behind" and "Smile of a Jesus Freak", I Am Ghost do manage to distil some of the most addictive melody I've heard in a long-time within this normally tuneless genre of music.

There is also an obvious fondness for old school metal within "Those We Leave Behind", and the riffs of tracks like "Burn the Bodies To the Ground" and "They Always Come Back" will have fans of Maiden and Accept punching the air with all their studded wristband glory, but it is once again the "Patrick Stump" like melodies that "Steve Juliano" brings to the songs that make this stand out as such a real contender for crossover success.

Released on October 6th via Epitaph, "Those We Leave Behind", is a suprisingly-pleasing listen, and as the band themselves describe is a "Sonic Stake Through the Heart".

It will be essential listening for "Ichabod Crane's" everywhere. So deathcorps and droogies buy this and your "Gothstock" will not so much a dream after all, as a vision.

4 out of 5

by Johnny H.

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