Hyperjax - The Wildest Card

Kicks off with an out-take from the film 'Rocky' (which there's no way they have clearance for) so I is thinking… cool but then… I is a touch disappointed by the sound. Well actually it's the singer. The music is punky/rockabilly and is chaotic enough to remind of a dirty night out down the boozer, followed by chip shop and a grope round the back of the allotments… great until the girl you're with blows chunks all over your best jeans. I've gorra say, Rockabilly punk is not exactly my bag to listen to at home but it's fun on a night out and it always does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want howling mad vocals, thumping double bass and that echo-sounding gretsch guitar sound you're on to a winner.

This is the Hyperjax 3rd full length album since kicking off in the late 90's. They've played a few mid-sized tours and are no doubt a reasonable buzz on their scene. I can just imagine them playing somewhere like The Royal Standard in Walthamstow with about 20 of their 'fans' all dressed similarly bouncing around down the front. They know the lyrics (well the chorus') and will pay to see 'em anywhere within a 5 mile radius. They're actually from Preston/Manchester but ya get what I mean right?

So, the songs? Definitely sing-along, definitely a booze spilling mosh of a night but in terms of making a mark it falls short for me. The vocals are just too amateurish and rushed… they do have some attitude like Pete Docherty singing the Clash but it's not for me.

Best track on the album is 'Talkin New York City' but really it's a punkalong thrash tribute that could have been delivered by A.N.Other punk rock band from just about anywhere. The next song 'So I Hold On' just sounds like they've played it straight after the previous song in their studio session… they sound knackered! I'm actually tired by this point and when the slide guitar comes in for 'Henry Chinaski' I'm kinda relieved. It's a good groove but then those fucking awful vocals come in again. I catch myself shouting at the speakers 'BREATH FOR FUCKS SAKE!'. Ahem…. So in summary, a decent sounding rockabilly punk band, with a bit of attitude, a good night out but instead of sinking those 10 pints of lager this weekend please invest in a few singing lessons. They'll call me a cunt now but will thank me in the end!!


by Hilda

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