The Hyperjax - The Bottom Line

Unthreateningly fun fun frolicking psychobilly pop. These jovial northern chaps' playtime is nicer than the macabre of delightfully demonic fellow psychobilly punk acts such as the Cramps, Meteors or Blue Demon. It's a tangy blend of multi vocal choruses with tight swingy rhythms. You know these lads before you've even met them - definitive working class Englishness, Oi Oi-ing all the way to the party and successfully getting on the neighbours tits when they get there.

'New World Odour' kicks off the festivities with an agreeable stride of merriment, guaranteeing to shake off your underpants. The busy pace and unrelenting clout of the double bass throughout generates a sense of piercing urgency. These happy slappers take you rolling for their jolly ride of thunderous punk. The generous offering of 12 tracks fuse together, as you expect with psychobilly genres. There are no ballads or slower numbers although track 11 'America's Tender Mercies' floats noticeably melodic, arousing deeper emotions than the other tracks can offer. 'Bank Holiday' is an itchy English holiday pop punk jingle that stands out as the catchy sing-along benchmark of the album.

Those seeking innovation may be unfulfilled but hunters of the familiar form will be hooked nice n cosy. These veterans are frivolously loud and proud and… well, just basically aren't arsed. You're either happy to be part of their rampant racket or you can fuck right off. Kidders style them quiffs and upturn those cuffs neat and proud and prepare to hop to trot. Nice one la's.

by Kiran the Killer

Editors Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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