Hymans - The Chairmen of the Bored

Hymans have been making quite a name for themselves lately and after a few listens to "The Chairmen of the Bored", it's easy to see why. If you miss the retired Ramones, Hymans will make the loss bearable. "I'm the Best there ever been" as they modestly claim in the opener "Sick n Tired". That may be an exaggeration but in some moments, Hymans are better than the real thing. Yes, the second verse IS same as the first.

"I Wrote a Letter" will appear on a Smoking Troll (UK) compilation and it has HIT stamped all over it. "I'm Bored" is typical fast-pace punk which I don't find particularly interesting. "China Girl" is an awesome moody punkpop anthem about the sadness of sudden departure. "7th Heaven" is the brightest spot on the album and should make some noise around the globe. If this doesn't get you moving... you're already dead.

Hymans has a simple but effective formula. I predict big success for this Swedish foursome. Hymans would fit rather well as chairmen, fighting against everyday boredom. Available from Amp Records

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