Hussto - Fire Your Bullets

Hussto is a sleazy Rock n' Roll band from Norway. Their new EP "Fire Your Bullets" is a good example of how good sleaze music is still thriving. When listening to them, it is easy to hear elements of Mötley Crüe, Bang Tango, or L.A. Guns. "Fire Your Bullets" is the opener and a very good song to open with. It showcases a band that is maturing into something that could have a lot of potential. "Sting Of The Scorpion" is a ballad-esque song that captures the emotion the band is capable of while "Rotten Roses" is a bluesy rock n' roll song to tap your foot to. Sleaze has been coming back in the last few years, and bands like Hussto are what is keeping it alive. I will be anxious to see what is next for this band.


by Patrick White

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