We Ain't Housewife Material - An International Collection of All Girl Punk, Rock & Garage

A compilation of girl fronted bands all contributing a song sounds like a great idea and for the most part it works. There are a few bands that don't deserve to be called a band but overall a good cross section of girl fronted bands on the scene today.

Betty Blowtorch kicks things off with "Rock n Roll 69". Typical Betty Blowtorch, rock and roll guns a blazing. (R.I.P. Bianca) Mensen are up next with "Sandy Starlight", a fast paced 3 chord rocker. The Gee Strings check in with "Arrest Me", again a 3 chord rocker but with more of a punk attitude behind it. Most songs on this cd are 3 chord songs only differentiated by the vocals and attitude so to avoid having you read a long drawn out repetitive review i will let you know who to listen to and who to skip over.

The Good:
Betty Blowtorch
The Geee Strings
Elvis McMan - "Slow Children", a very good song
Shemale Trouble
The Dirty Burds - "Sick Bitch", good sing along
Ventra - "Fragile" italian vocals over synth rock. Very interesting, very Bjork sounding.
Red Bacteria Vacuum
Blare Bitch Project
Demolition Girl and the Stawberry Men
Belly Button - if barbie had a voice, this would be it

The Bad
Electric Turn to Me - Not sure if they are that bad but they do not belong on this comp. More 60's psychedelic then anything. Think Airplane's White Rabbit
Flowermulu - This sounds like someone left a tape recorder on while their little sister was singing in the shower. I don't get it.
The Tutsis - "Dead of Night"
Candyrag - bad surf rock

The OK
Fifi and the Mach 3
The Soap - "Party", from Japan, kinda surfy, kinda punk, kinda kinda
Cyclub - nothing special
Astro Babys - top cheese, almost joke-ish
Frill - just bad

Not a bad compilation overall. A few bands could have been left off and maybe a few others added but still a good selection of music.

by Mister E.

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