Honky Tonk All Stars - 7"

I've seen their stickers featuring 'solskenspojken (a swedish matchstick company's trademark) in converse on every cash machine throughout Gothenburg. So, it was about time I finally received some of their music. Honky Tonk All Stars have the opposite approach from all the grandiose glam rock bands we usually feature in this magazine. They have a non-existing image and a very modest biography. I personally prefer rock n' roll to be placed among the stars rather than down to earth but, sometimes it's nice to see some ordinary guys (or girls) rocking out.

Honky Tonk All Stars have released two vinyl singles, which feature some good old fast paced garage rock n' roll. They don't raise my hell but it's pretty enjoyable music. If you're into the Hellacopters, you should put your converse on and check these guys out.

by Andreas Persson

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