Honeycomb Love - HCL Style

Honeycomb Love is a new sleazy hard rock/punk band from the U.K. with a sound that could easily be described as L.A. Guns meets Hanoi Rocks. They play straight forward 80's fuelled rock n' roll and have a very tight sound for just a three piece band. Their debut E.P. "HCL Style" is filled with guitar driven tunes that will satisfy anyone looking for that new sleazy masterpiece.

The album opens strong with "White Boys Toys," with a sing along chorus and catchy rhythm. From then on, it's one hard rocking song to another. Songs like "Love In Sixth Gear" and "Two Tickets (To The Gun Show)" show promise from an up and coming band that could very well be the next great sleaze act to emerge from the U.K. in recent years.

I was very surprised by this band. They are one of the few bands that not only have the image, but the killer sound to match. They are able to write good songs that have the potential to bring new fans to the genre. Let's hope this release is a sign of good things to come.


by Patrick White

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