Hollywood Vampire - Love Is Rock and Roll

If you want to put your ears thru some blood sucking sleaze-grinding rock & roll, then slide Hollywood Vampire into your stereo. Vocalist Jack comes in snarling the anthem chorus "Love Is Rock & Roll" on the first track called "Love Is Rock & Roll". "Girl In Action" is a rocker, continuing with the Alleycat Scratch vibed "I Can't Wait", which is my favorite track on this EP. The band decides to slow it down on the very nice acoustic ballad "Give One Sign", then finishes the round with "Hollywood Vampire", a song that kicks you in the ass when you at least expect it. Hollywood Vampire is one great band for fans who followed the L.A.'s Sunset Strip days.

I give Hollywood Vampire 'Love Is Rock & Roll" 10*

by Marcus Calzada

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