Hollywood Killerz - Hittin the Star

With EP 'Hittin' the star', the latest offering from Italian glam punks, Hollywood Killerz, comes this slice of pure punk debauchery. Packed with spitting vocals and mean guitar riffs, Hollywood Killerz deliver a fantastic follow up to previous, very short, EP, 'Lovecrash'. Hollywood Killerz combine a variety of sounds that are refreshingly dissimilar and non-repetitive. With guitar solos strewn throughout and a healthy dollop of bass beat evident in every track, this band are sure to get you out of your seat, energetic with punk passion.

We start with title track 'Hittin the Star', which sums up the EP perfectly. Dirty punk with fantabulous guitar solos spraying the musical canvas of this 4-minute ditty. 'Lovecrash' is next on the line up, which contends with the first track brilliantly with a fast paced tempo and cracking vocals. Following these two beauties however is the slightly lacking 'Somewhere out of this mind', which I felt was nearly there but just needed a little push in the other direction. The melody doesn't quite match the previous two tracks, but the instrumental introduction is fantastic. Whilst being filled with powerful oomph, still proved to disappoint when the chorus came.

Overall though this band are well worth a listen. If you love the old school punk vibe with a splash of glitter for good measure then Hollywood Killerz will be right up your street.

by Lauren May

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