Hollywood Hairspray - Volume 4

Take some old pop anthems, mix them together with some rock and roll guitars and drums and throw in the glam and glitter of an age gone by and you'll be left with this awesome compilation of some of the best glam rock bands around - Hollywood Hairspray 4.

Opening with 'Go Go Go' by Zan Clan (former Shotgun Messiah vocalist, Zinny Zans new band) was a great decision with the vocal stylings making this track fun and easy to listen to.

Hollywood Hairspray 4 features other amazing songs such as Tigertailz' 'Dirty Needles' with its harder-edge tune and the fast paced sound of 'Love Kills' by Unlimited Enemies, showing a more brash side to the CD, somewhat reminiscent of Love/Hate.

Unfortunately, the disc also features some of the not-quite-as-great bands that glam rock sees today. On Parole and their song 'Barflies' offers us a Junkyard-esque tonality but with an oh-too-generic voice, giving the whole song an uninspired feel and Cathouse's 'Rock Is All You Need', makes way for weak vocals and nothing new lyrically or musically.

I was extremely pleased to see the appearance of 'ASAD' by Veins of Jenna. The female vocalist is trying hard to get that grave Wendy O from The Plasmatics sounds but hasn't quite got there. They could probably use some production help to sort out their sound but this is still one of my personal favourites on the CD.

Another song I have developed quite a liking for is 'Peggy Sue Is Dead' by Trash Can Darlings. It's the kind of song you can expect to hear in the next teen angst movie and, at times, can sound a little contrived but it's hard not to dance around your front room to!

If you like bands like Junkyard, Dangerous Toys and Love/Hate, this CD will suit you just right. Perris Records have shown us what this genre has to offer as it stands, and, in doing so have produced a sampler platter to guide lost souls to a band they like. Well done Perris Records!

by Sarah Street

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