Hollywood - S/T

Well I guess you really can't judge a book by it's cover…or even a CD. When I got sent the "press kit" and CD for Hollywood, I rolled my eyes. They look like your typical cover band playing a local bar that just isn't going anywhere, some of the guys hanging onto their old looks, some of them just aging as we all eventually do. Reading the press kit proved that is exactly what they are, a cover band that decided to do their own thing.

As it turns out choosing their own thing is a good idea. The CD kicks off with "Too Late Train", which is a great piece with a cool groove and drive behind it. If you remember the band Rattlebone at all, this reminds me of them. They basically tool a Deep Purple idea and groove and updated it brilliantly, and this "Too Late" is not far from that.

"All Night" sounds a bit typical 80's Hairband, but with a nice chorus. "Blvd. Of Broken Dreams" has been driving me crazy as to who it reminds me of. Well, it just hit me. This could have been a Foxy Roxx tune. Dead on Foxy, and that is a compliment. "Every Word I Never Said" I really can't comment on. I hate ballads of this sort. This one you'll have to judge for yourself…sorry. If you love ballads though, you might want to play this one at your high school prom. Think Poison style ballad though. I have to skip this one now. Ick. "Shot Down In Love" pure sleaze with a guitar tone and vocal style that makes me think of Ratt off the first EP, with some of Out Of The Cellar. "Get Off", "King Of The Mountain", "Fools Paradise" (very Foxy again) and "I Got The Girl" all range from strong to very strong rock numbers of a Sleaze with some of that 80's LA style. If that's the stuff you enjoy, you really should be ordering this CD. I had to skip "Each Others Eyes" though on repeat listening. It's a ballad…yuck. Musicianship is high caliber, and the vocals are damn strong. Think a mix of Vince Neil, Brett Michaels and some Sebastian Bach.

This will be landing in my rotation and will be getting played often, and I normally can't stand this style! So again, I stress, if you like this style, do yourself a favor and at least check them out.

by Carl Isonhart

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