Holly Ramos - Kiss Like a Waterfall

Once in awhile, something comes along that snaps you out of that musical rut. Something that expands your horizons when you least expect it, and makes you feel good about music again. Recently, that something, or someone rather, came to me in the form of Holly Ramos. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be the place to review this demo, as it is neither glam nor punk. What it is, is a collection of four brilliantly written, heartfelt songs that take me on an emotional rollercoaster each listen, and I can't help but want Holly to get that record deal, if only to satisfy my appetite to hear more of her music.

Holly, the former lead singer of New York based Punk band FUR, has got a helping hand from D Generation's Jesse Malin. Jesse produced this demo, and also brought Holly along on a tour of the UK.

Holly's voice falls somewhere between The Breeders' Kim Deal and Cyndi Lauper, depending on the song. Musically, there is nothing groundbreaking, but what sets this apart from so many other artists, is the delivery and the sincerity of the lyrics, such as "My best was no match for heartache and disappointment. I tried not to ask, and choose a life of pale enjoyment. Felt like I lived in a small room with a low dark ceiling. Never dared to dream before... of blue sky roof and a flower floor..." from the beautiful "I Believe" or "Next time that we were apart, I got your name tattooed on my heart cause I missed you..." from the spirited "My Declaration of Love", "Kiss Like a Waterfall" and my personal favorite, "Sick of
Goodbye" round out this awesome demo of contemporary radio ready tunes.

While Holly is busy shopping this demo for a record deal, copies are available for the general public. Contact Holly at EMAIL or check out her website for details.

Holly Ramos, P.O. Box 26539, Los Angeles, CA 90026, U.S.A.

by Dan Earley

Visit the Holly Ramos Website