The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations (CD Single)

When writing a review for a new piece of music, I try to make comparisons to give you, the reader, some idea of what it's all about. Upon reading the band's info, this Brooklyn-based, Minneapolis-bred five-piece have been compared to The Replacements, Van Morrison and Husker Du amongst others. When this track kicks in, the first comparison that jumped to mind for me was 'imagine David Johansen singing for American Heartbreak'.

'Stuck Between Stations' is the new single, taken from The Hold Steady's current album 'Boys And Girls In America'. Described by vocalist Craig Finn, "Basically, the songs on the album are about guys and girls, and love. Make that doomed or unrequited love and throw in drug abuse, suicide and gambling, and you get the picture."

The big guitar and piano intro open the song in classic AH style, before Finn's raspy, abrasive vocals begin the story, and the further into the song you delve, hints of Tom Petty and even Springsteen's 'Born To Run' become evident. This song has an 'epic' feel to it. Not instantly catchy with memorable choruses, but more like an unfolding novel, the kind you have trouble putting down.

Midway through, the guitars make way for a Steinman-esque piano break, which brought memories of Meatloaf's 'Modern Girl' flooding back. And then, just as the story nears its conclusion, the song ends quite suddenly, leaving the listener hanging on wondering what's coming next.

A decent track which, is growing on me the more I listen to it. I might have to pick up the album to check out the other chapters.

by Stacey Dunk

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