Hundred Million Martians - Solid Rock Planet

This 3rd album from HMM is self described as, "loud, fun, guitar - O.D.'d cliche - hailing rock." Couldn't have said it better myself!!! In fact, the only way to give this disc its proper due is to highlight a few of its shining moments (and there are many!)

From the opening chords of "Atoll" you get the hint that you may want to buckle up for what turns out to be a wild ride. Vocalist Jyrki has a memorable tone that sets HMM apart from your run-of-the-mill talented rock upstarts. Heaping with guitar harmonies, the guys plow through future classics, "It's All Yeah", "Genuine Plastic", and "+1", slowing down long enough for you to catch your breath, and a shot of your favorite drink, with "My Name is April. This is an intensely personal album if you put on your headphones and give the lyrics a listen. "My Way" should, and could be a hit for these guys, while "Where The Sun Will Always Shine" is a song with a hopeful message, totally cool without being sappy. The only title I happen to disagree with is "Dumber! Louder! Faster!", as these guys made a smart choice in choosing the direction for their 3rd cd.

Anyone can repeat, these guys chose to innovate. Way to go... I say definately get this CD ASAP.

by Kenny Allred

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