Her:Enemy - 3 Track Promo

"Her:Enemy" really are something of a musical conundrum for me, in so much as I normally wouldn't think twice of turning off music like this when it's played on the radio.
There is however something really fucking exciting about "Badbrain" the opening track on this the bands debut EP.
I shake with excitement every time I hear the buzz saw opening riff. And for the last few days I've been getting more and more stressed out trying to pinpoint exactly just what the fuck it is that makes me feel this way.
I mean, I'm writing this sort of resembling a demented "Heath Ledger/Joker" version of a "Glitzine" writer. Such is my sorry situation.
It's sort of that gut feeling that I got the first time I heard "The Wildhearts" or when I first saw "3 Colours Red". It's that adrenalin rush three-minute riot of "Rock 'n' Roll" that stomps all over your senses and leaves you a gibbering heap of sweaty flesh.

"Badbrain" really is that good, no scrub that, it really is that GREAT a track.

Then, just like some spotty teenager getting all over excited it's over all too soon as the band just can't manage to muster up the musical staying power in the rather uneventful "Dead In Denver" and the acoustic "Tomorrows Story" that follow. And so the musical conundrum unfolds.

Credit however to the three piece (from, of all the un rock n roll places, "Ascot") that they can take such a simple melody as that on "Badbrain" and turn it into such an anthemic sound. A sound the band chooses to describe as more of a full on car crash.

So what next for "Her:Enemy"? Well this EP is released on July 21st as a digital download and then gigs follow through to the recording of the full album in late 2008.

"1-2, 1-2" your certainly getting through, guys. Now just get me a copy of your debut album and make all the tracks as good as "Badbrain".
"Glitzine's" version of "Arkham" awaits me if you can do this guys, just don't let "Spice" or "Gaz E" have the keys.

by Johnny H.

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