Hell City Glamours - Broken Glass & Beatless Hearts

With the 2004 EP "Les Infidels" Australia's "Hell City Glamours" put themselves on the hard rock map with many touting the 4-piece as the future of Australian rock. A support slot for Brides of Destruction, and more recently Alice Cooper, helped to spread the Hell City word to a wider audience with many eagerly awaiting a follow up.

Late 2005… and the second EP "Broken Glass & Beatless Hearts" from the Glamours attempts to stamp further authority on the local scene. If at a restaurant most fans would be complaining about the portion size with only 4 tracks on this second helping, but rest assured... the guys are focusing on quality and not quantity.

Lead vocalist Oscar McBlack suits up like a young Jon Bon Jovi, whilst belting out the sleaziest vocals since Taime Down. The opening track "White Trash, Hot Love" hits the ground running with vintage Skid Row / Faster Pussycat overtones, and is a definite killer live. Follow this up with the piano-laden Aerosmith-ish "On The Rocks" and you have the two sides to the Hell City Glamours - 1 being the sleazy hard rock, and the other being the up-tempo blues influenced rock.

The final two tracks return to the dirty rock arena, before leaving you wanting more. Definitely a strong return for the boys who seem to have avoided the "sophomore syndrome" many bands face after a successful debut. With a live performance that exceeds their studio recordings, Hell City Glamours are a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully they aren't haunted by the curse of "premature adulation" and can continue to deliver the goods with a full-length album sometime soon.

by Lindsay B.

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